Monday 1 January 2024


GZ shown me a picture of a pair of beautiful clustered earrings and requested to make one for her. She even bought the flower shaped beads to be added to the earrings.  After some "research", I finally pick up the courage to make one for her...with whatever beads are available in my stash. This is the best I can do:

As usual, I will not stop at one when I learned new beading style. I proceed to do two more, but the results are not satisfactory. Firstly, it is the type of beads and ear hooks that I used. Secondly, I did not control the coiling which ended the earrings are not of same length as it is shown below:

I wanted to do a few more but was discouraged by the last two results. 

Tuesday 6 June 2023


Using the same pattern, I made this necklace with this white colour could be White Agate. I paired it wth pearl glass bead and the necklace turns out to be my goes with almost any outfit.

I can wear it with another of the same kind...nice!


Finally, I found a way to use my gemstone chips...inspired by one of the post in Pinterest. Yes...borrow ideas...I know I am the least creative but I just like the craft😁.  Anyway, I bead for fun...mostly bead for friends or myself.

I still have quite a lot of these chips.  I will search for other ways to use them.

Monday 27 December 2021

Rose Quartz Naughty Nugget

Some kind soul has given me this pack of Rose Quartz nuggets. Perhaps she has given up hobby, or simply could not handle the nuggets because of the odd shape and random position of the drilled hole on each of them. Naughty nuggets! It is really tricky to design the necklace which I intend to make because of the second reason. The bead stones simply would not stay in place.  Here is how it looks like:

It looks normal laying down, right? Okay, we shall see how it fares in the normal position as if wore on someone:

Ta da! Haha, no matter how I adjust the position of the nuggets, the necklace always looks lopsided. Sigh!

Friday 19 November 2021

Multi-style Jade necklace

After trying to revise on bead weave, wire wrapped techniques, it is about time to do stringing. I have been wanting to make a necklace with these cute jade cylinder tube beads but cannot decide on the style. Should I make it short, long, multi-strand, combine with chain, leather cords....? It took me weeks to come up with this ideal - multi-style :

The above are long versions. 

The above are short versions.

I stringed two strands of slightly different lengths with tiger tail thread. Both ended with jump rings. The main joining components are chain, lobster claws and magnetic clasps(for short versions).

I am so pleased with the outcome. It is about time for me to take a rest. zzzzzz z z z z

Big Amazonite Pendant

I bought this big pretty stone in my holiday trip to Hokkaido two years ago. The sales person told me it was a Amazonite. It is a stone without any drilled hole. I have to wire wrapped to cage it in order to make it into a wearable pendant. It is not a cabochon because it does not have a flat surface to act as the back of a pendant. It is a thick piece of stone of irregular shape. I have googled many Youtube videos to get ideals and needed to combine different techniques to get it done. This is not my own design and I cannot recall the source of it as I had referred to too many of the videos.

The top one is the front of the pendant. The bottom one is the back of the pendant. The measurement of the stone itself is about 4.7cm(H)x3.2cm(W)X1cm(Depth at its thickest point).

Because of its thickness, I used 18 gauge wire thinking that thicker wire would secure the stone better. Yes, it did the job, BUT, it was so difficult to be manipulated! Big mistake. Probably a 20 gauge would have been better.

Haha, I think the wrap is a bit loped-sided.

Jade Pendant with Details

I found this piece of jade in my stash of stone beads and I really wanted to use it as a pendant. At a close look, the indent part was kind of rough thus not presentable. 

As I was pondering what to do with it, something in my beading board caught my attention - scrapped wires from previous project. I can fill up the indent with little wire coils made from the scrapped, some tiny beads and blink-blinks!

Yeah, I have done it! It is a bit crude as it was quite difficult to apply the glue with my clumsy shaky hands. 

I am quite please with the wire wrapped bail though. [pat on the back]