Wednesday, 8 February 2012

RAW + Loops Bracelet

WA-HOO!!! I managed to complete one bracelet amid my busy schedule - just came back from Hong Kong last week and flying off again next week. Very tired and unsettled due to frequent traveling. But strangely, beading is one activity that helped me settle/calm down.  With pockets of time within three days, this is what I have accomplished:

Hmm....the photos do not bring justice to the bracelet. The actual look is much nicer.

This bracelet is a RAW (Right-Angle Weave) and is quite easy to stitch though looks complicated. The first step is to stitch a basic RAW BAND as shown in the half done picture below:
 (the golden brown portion)

The second step is to add on the SCALLOPED EDGE (the black portion). Lastly, stitch a row of crystal along the centre portion. 

This is a design by Connie Blachut - Seed Bead Loops Add Drama which was featured in Bead&Button magazine. Sigh, still not my own design - I am still learning.