Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I have been drowning in the sea of chores in the past months and thought beading is going to the thing of the past for me. I dared not even take a glimpse of my beading stuff lest bucket of tears be shed.

I did have pockets of time in between chores but they were not suitable for projects that require new skills or that need designing. I cannot handle both kinds as they require my full focus - that is me. Sigh.

While trying to stay afloat, my daughter Yuan threw me a float so that I could take a breather. She gave me three pairs of feather and requested me to make earrings out of them!

Ha ha ha!!! I was overjoyed because that's an easy task and I was so happy that my hands were dancing with joy.  AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE MADE:

La la la la.... I am really glad I had the chance to use my beading tools again.  Okay, I now have to get back to reality ..... WORK!