Sunday, 16 December 2012


I was so inspired to try doing the Viking Knit after seeing some of the beautiful work done with this technique some months back.  While still working on the Chunky Green Necklace, I 'bribed'  my friend into making a Wooden Draw Plate for me.  It is a wooden block with holes of different sizes and she has done a good job:

Next, I downloaded an Utube from which I learnt the Viking Knit technique: Viking Knit Jewelry by Gail Nettles.  Finally, I searched for thin wire for the knit and all I could find in my drawers was this roll of guage 30 (I guessed) craft wire.  Ah well, I just went ahead to knit with it and it turned out ugly before drawing it though the Draw Plate:

The knit was quite uneven due to the inconsistent tension of each pull of the wire. Consoling myself that it was a first trial and just a practice round, I kept my finger crossed and pulled the section through the hole of the Draw Plate.  The result was so magical because the imperfection was almost gone and the ugly duckling turned out to be a beautiful chain:

It was like 'Wow, did I really make this?'  After fiddling with it for a while, I found it too thin and light to be worn as a choker/knecklace - lack of substance. I just needed to try again but with thicker wire.

I looked through the storeroom and found this packet of gauge 24 Brass wire and immediately used it to knit without second thought. The 'before drawing' look was still ugly but well, at least the color was pleasing:

I really could not wait for the drawn result and indeed, it did not disappoint me.  I was so pleased with it and went on to add the clasp to make it into a necklace:

ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?   Hehe, a pat on the back.

I was quite surprised by the vast difference in theresults by just changing the wire gauge while the other factors remained the same e.g. tightness of knit, number of knit per row ( I used five):

It was quite difficult to knit with gauge 24 as compared to gauge 30 as it was less flexible.  I think being brass and not copper was also part of the reason as it gets hardened easier.  

Hey, wait a minute! Won't brass wire tarnish after some time? Gulp......may be the color will be nicer.....hope so.........