Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rubi Dutch Spiral Necklace

la..la...la..la....la...  oh I am sooo happy...I have completed a Dutch Spiral stitch necklace! 

With the choice of beads that I have chosen, the piece looks entirely different from the book, but I like it.  The lacy and scallop look surprised me as I was stitching along.  

After a few round of the lacy portion, I was facing the problem of finding ways to change the stitch to a more simple and slimmer rope.  I almost wanted to take the suggestion to end the spiral and change to stringing - an easier way out.  However, I gave myself one last chance to figure out the transitional stitch and I succeeded. The most difficult part was reversing the sequence of the spiral stitch at one side of the necklace.  I had to keep a very clear mind not to get confuse with the stitch of the other side as I was working on both ends at the same time alternately! That's pure madness!

Now it is time to bid farewell to Rubi.  I had promised a friend to make for her a red and black necklace and I have selfishly kept the first one that I have made - Fury Cellini Spiral.

I am not sad about this because I am going to make another one.  This time, with the colors that I like. Yeah! 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fury Cellini Spiral Necklace

The ugly duckling has grown into a beaUtiful (a-hem) sssswan....err..necklace! 

Now that it is completed with a acceptable result, it is confession time:  I chickened out of continuing with the stitch using various size beads because it was not easy!  

It took me two days to come out with this easier way  - reduce to single bead size,  gradually reduce the red bead from two rows to one row and finally to random speckles.  I toned down the red with more black as I worried it may look too fierce.

I ended the necklace with beaded clasp and loop to complement the necklace.  A metal toggle set may mar the beauty of the fully beaded necklace.  I also have 'upgraded' my skill for making beaded clasp and loop:

Instead of using a beaded ball made by rows of beads covering a core bead with link and loop formed by single row of beads , the clasp in this Cellini Spiral necklace is a peyote toggle tube (decorated with red bicone beads at both ends)  with the loop and toggle link formed by three-row peyote stitch.

This necklace was made with a dear friend in mind.  After spending hours of work creating it, I find it hard to part with it.  It is like a mother not willing to give up her baby for adoption.

I am keeping it!!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cellini Spiral Rope - Trial Piece

Yes, I have finally braved up and have a go with a Cellini Spiral stitch.  In order to see a dramatic effect of the spiral, I used different size, shape and color beads in this trial piece: 

This 7.5cm work-in-process took me about 10 hours over three days to do!!! The progress was pretty slow because there were a few undoings along the way.  It was quite frustrating when missing stitches were discovered and undoings were necessary in order to proceed.  Oh well, I guess this is part and parcel of seed beading.  ENDURANCE, ENDURANCE!

The order of beads: 2mm black bicone, 2mm black bugle, size 12 gold, size 12 red X 2, size 15 metallic black, size 12 red, size 12 gold and 2mm black bugle.  Total 9 beads in a round.

There is inconsistency in the spiral.  Probably due to poor quality beads which are not uniform in size and shape.  The stitch tension was also not equal through out.  

Ah-hem, but don't you think this is considered 'not bad' for a first timer? 

I am not sure if I should continue the spiral.  I am thinking of gradually reduce the rope thickness by changing all to size 11 beads first.  After a few round, reduce further by cutting the number of beads per round by half.  Hmm....perhaps I'll try that out and see if it works.  

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Modified Amethyst Necklace

It's done! The problematic Amethyst Necklace mentioned in 9/9/2011 posting is now being modified:

Needless to say, the one on the left is the modified version.  I have redistributed the weight of the shorter/inner chain by rearranging the gemstones position.  The chain now drops nicely within the loop formed by the longer chain so the whole necklace has a more 'balanced' look.

Mission accomplished with no more backlog!  I can now move on to Seed Beading, yeah!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Smoky Quartz Necklace

Ok, now I am back to beading after a long break.

I am very determined to try my hands on Seed Beading - a more challenging craft to me as it involves tiny beads (challenging my eyes) and detailed stitching (challenging my patience).  But I must first clear the backlog so that I can focus on the new challenge.  

The first is to modify a Smoky Quartz necklace (forgot to take a 'before picture' for comparison) which I have made few months ago.  

The original one was too short with the last stones at two ends resting on my collar bones - ugly!  I have now lengthened it with two end caps and also lengthened the chain after the end caps.  The result is a short necklace instead of choker:

The end caps have also given the necklace a more 'finished' look.  I am happy with the result.

ps. A friend has suggested to add red color beads instead of the end caps to add interest to the almost monotone necklace.  Sorry pal, I am a purist so I will stick to the original color tone. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Back and Recharged!

I am back from the 18 days vacation - exhausted after twenty over hours of flight.  Recharged? Yes, with the two full day rest after the vacation!

The National Parks were beautiful.  The photos which I took with my little camera simply could not capture the actual beauty of the scenery:

These were taken from the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. 

Oh, I nearly forgotten to post the photos of petrified wood:

They are amazingly beautiful, aren't they?  And I did not pocket any of them though tempted. (pat on the back)