Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sweet Pinky

Sigh, another year has passed.  It's about time to bead something.  Anything.

This, was commissioned by a friend who wanted to present it to her future mother-in-law.  The colour was her choice and the rest of the project was my idea.  Ha ha, this is the least I could claim for myself, right?  (Blushing)

She wanted a simple spiral necklace with two colours and it should not be too chunky and stiff.  As I have not been in touch with beading thus it took me awhile to research on the different techniques and decided on a double spiral rope technique (by Ms Jill Wiseman) which I got from this link :

The end product is quite satisfying as shown below.

I also took a photo of the work-in-progress to show the thickness of the necklace:

I used size 11 Toho seed beads (Pink, Silver, Black and Metalic black) for the body and size 8 (clear) bead for the core.

Hmm...may be I should make one for myself too....with two different size of beads....or substitute with crystals....or....add accent bead....change size of core bead......or.........hmm....

Monday, 9 March 2015


I have made this necklace months ago for my SIL. It was her 60th birthday which is an important milestone for Chinese. I used this very special stone for the special birthday. However, I am not sure of its name. It could be some kind of Agate.  It was chosen for its beauty.

Isn't it beautiful?  The cracked pattern within gives a lovely mystical touch. 

The bail and necklace accompanying the stone were made simple to let this beauty enjoy the limelight. 

It's a big stone.  I hope she like it.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I love challenge...in the field of beading.

A friend saw my heavy weight necklaces and requested me to make one for her. The challenge is - to make use of the jade pieces which were supplied by her:

Her request was to have a pendant as big as possible.  After days of thought, I have decided to join up the four jade donuts to form a centre piece.  It seemed wire wrapping was the only method to be used so that the joined up piece will keep its shape as it intended to be.  Bead weaving  may be a better way but it is not my forte yet and there was time constrain.  After a few attempts, I finally achieved the desirable effect:

Mission accomplished! It is a long necklace with the centre piece resting just below the chest.  If she so decides to have it shorter as show in the second picture, I will just have to take out a few pieces of the red bead.  This would not be possible if stringing method was used.

Monday, 10 November 2014


I was all ready to make another BIG necklace.  While trying to find another big stone for the pendant, I found a big jade ring.  I must have stripped and sold off the gold embellishment because the design was no more appealing to me. 

It took me quite a while to come out with a design and here it is:

The metal flower at the centre of the ring and the two big metal beads are very, very heavy.  The jade it self is not light weight either. So, I used super light weight beads (the four irregular shaped ones) to complement.  Hopefully the wearer will not have to suffer from stiff neck and shoulders.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Ahhh...my hands were itching again...just got to bead.

Hmmm...let's see what I've got........got it! I'd try BIG pendant necklace. 

I have never tried stringing with heavy beads.  Should I use Tigertail? Well, I went ahead and gave it a shot.

Here is my first attempt:

Oooo, I really enjoyed the process of beading especially the initial stage of design.  I have got to look at what was available and tried to mix and match.  The second challenge was to think of the technical part.  In this case was making a bail for the pendant.  This was where a little bit of wire wrapping came in.  Hey, I still could do it!

Now that I have gained a little confidence making big necklace of this kind, I will have a second go - perhaps a heavier one.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Oh my goodness, time flies! It has been almost a year since I last beaded and blogged. Well, it was my choice to have taken up two courses over the past nine months. Priority, priority, priority. No regrets.

Now, back to beading.

I have been commissioned (by my daughter) to reconstruct two of her old pearl necklaces.  I totally stripped of one of them, salvaged only the beads and added new ones to make a long pearl necklace (pic A).  As for the other one, I took out the crocheted flowers and added some new pearls to make a pearl-chain necklace (pic B). These two new pieces can be worn on their own as shown or combined together as one multi-strands pearl necklace (pic C).  How about that?

                                       pic A                                       pic B

pic C

Prior to this project, I have made for myself a simple bold pearl necklace.  "bold" because those are BIG pearls.  See for yourself!

Its bead size is 16mm The one at the foreground is the necklace shown in pic A and the bead size is already 10mm!  The stringing material for this short necklace is tigertail wire. I used seed bead between the beads to prevent the pearl from rubbing against each other. 

By using a decorative clasp, I am able to wear it in different ways:


Hmm....I should have use a bigger clasp to make a statement .....and pearl goes better with gold than with silver.

Lessons learnt. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I have been drowning in the sea of chores in the past months and thought beading is going to the thing of the past for me. I dared not even take a glimpse of my beading stuff lest bucket of tears be shed.

I did have pockets of time in between chores but they were not suitable for projects that require new skills or that need designing. I cannot handle both kinds as they require my full focus - that is me. Sigh.

While trying to stay afloat, my daughter Yuan threw me a float so that I could take a breather. She gave me three pairs of feather and requested me to make earrings out of them!

Ha ha ha!!! I was overjoyed because that's an easy task and I was so happy that my hands were dancing with joy.  AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE MADE:

La la la la.... I am really glad I had the chance to use my beading tools again.  Okay, I now have to get back to reality ..... WORK!