Friday, 9 March 2012

RAW Crystal Tiles Bracelet

In the three whole weeks visiting my daughter in HongKong, I really felt a bit lost outside the Beading World. However, I did prepare myself to sneak in some time to touch base with my love(beading of course!) 

I brought along a beading book and a pouch packed with needles, two spools of fireline of different color, small containers for beads and a handy magnifying glass with stand. Ha ha, guess what? I went shopping for beads and spent two days to complete this bracelet which was designed by Geneva Beck:

Hmmm....I think the actual thing is a lot nicer than it is shown in photos. It has more sparks especially under lightings. Ah well, may be it is my lousy photography skill. Hey, wait a second, it could be the color scheme - there is not much contrast between the seed beads and glass beads!!! 

This sophisticated looking bracelet is not difficult to made. Like most RAW project, all you need first is to make a base with RAW like this:

Then you fill in the squares with beads or crystals of your choice. Simple enough? (only to those who know what RAW is, Lol!)

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  1. Peggy, Your bracelet is beautiful I love the color scheme very regal. I'm getting better at RAW still not my favorite though, but it is moving up. I hope you had a nice visit with your daughter in Hong Kong. Are you back home? My Son just arrived in Australia yesterday and he will be there on the Gold Coast for two weeks then he goes to New Zealand to meet his girlfriend's family in Christ Church. He will be back home on the 30th of March.