Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I love challenge...in the field of beading.

A friend saw my heavy weight necklaces and requested me to make one for her. The challenge is - to make use of the jade pieces which were supplied by her:

Her request was to have a pendant as big as possible.  After days of thought, I have decided to join up the four jade donuts to form a centre piece.  It seemed wire wrapping was the only method to be used so that the joined up piece will keep its shape as it intended to be.  Bead weaving  may be a better way but it is not my forte yet and there was time constrain.  After a few attempts, I finally achieved the desirable effect:

Mission accomplished! It is a long necklace with the centre piece resting just below the chest.  If she so decides to have it shorter as show in the second picture, I will just have to take out a few pieces of the red bead.  This would not be possible if stringing method was used.

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