Friday, 16 December 2011

Pearly Dutch Spiral Necklace

Did I say I wanted a more chunky Dutch Spiral necklace? This one is MORE than chunky.  As I was progressing with the stitch, it was like a MONSTER emerging from my  work....stitch by stitch.  I could have just stopped the project but curiosity as to how it will turn out pushed me to move on. Ta da is the end result:

It is too chunky to be a necklace especially for the owner-to-be as she is a petite lady.  I stopped the spiral stitch at this length so that it will only be the focal part of a necklace.  I continued the stitch with Peyote stitch but found that it would be too stiff (see the small portion right after the spiral) for the whole necklace.  

By changing the stitch to netted stitch, the necklace has a softer touch now and it helped to tone down the 'monster' look.  It is a faster stitch than Peyote and the hollow effect flows with the lacy look of Dutch Spiral.  Perfect! (Heh heh, it was pure coincidence.  Laziness was the main reason for choosing the netted stitch.  shhh........)

I like the Dutch Spiral stitch and there are so many interesting variations to be explored.  Nevertheless, I think I shall move on to learn other type of stitches to widen my beading exposure.  

Hmmm....let me see which stitch I shall try............  




  1. Peggy, I love this piece and you were right to stop and just let that be the focal it is gorgeous. The netted rope does give a softer tone to the necklace. I think you should try Herringbone next I believe you will have just as much fun with Herringbone as you have had with Peyote.

  2. Thank you Therese, I shall start my 'research' on Herringbone and get my brain working first before my hands. :-)

  3. Thanks a zillion for this awesome gift ! It is definitely a gift of love and is priceless !

    Am thinking of using it on Christmas day service and lunch - over a black top !

    I appreciate your heart and hard work !


  4. You are most welcome, Alicia. I am glad you like it and I am definitely a motivated beader now.

  5. Love the earth tone colours of this piece. too bad won't be able to see you wear it as i'm sure it will look more beautiful than the photo.

  6. Oh yes Jo, it is more beautiful than the photo. I just could not get the correct light exposure to capture the true beauty of it.