Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pleasant Surprise!

My SIL has just came back from her Japan trip and  surprised me with a packet of beading stuff. She bought me the pre-packed bundle as she is not a beader thus was not quite sure what to buy. Hey, I am not complaining - I like all of them:

Look at the fresh water pearls! And the silvery leaves! Oh, the flowers are so cute!  My mind cannot help but keep thinking of ways to use these components.  But I cannot start beading with them now because  I have promised my daughter to make a Dutch Spiral necklace for her - with Turquoise color beads.

I should have started the project days ago right after I have completed the Rubi.  However, while I have four big boxes full of seed beads, I just cannot get the right combination set of color.  I am so lousy in matching colors.

Anyway, I made a trip to the bead store today and see if I could get some inspiration and without fail, had lightened my wallet a lot - a neat three figures!  

I should have left my credit card at home! 


  1. Ha ha ! I took a peek to see how you have progressed ! You have done well keep it up! Can take orders now?!!
    Belated birthday greetings ! May the lord bless your handiworks to His glory!
    Ps didn'nt realized the happy bag contained so much beauty!

  2. Advance orders for next Christmas? Ha ha. I'm a sloooow beader, unless it is a repeat design. Thank you again, your happy bag is keeping me away from onset of dementia.