Friday, 31 August 2012


While I was still into wiring, I thought of taking up an old challenge: to make a necklace with the big round beads given by SIL and the necklace must not look anything like Buddhist prayer beads. So, simple stringing is out of the question.  It took me nearly two weeks to come out with a design and four days to complete the necklace.  It is not very fantastic but at least it has achieved my intention:

I wire wrapped each and every bead to add some character to them. I added some black round beads to break the monotony.  The green wire wrapped focal bead was added to enhance the look. Below shows the look from both sides of the focal bead:

Well, the wrapping is a bit simple but serves the purpose.  

I could have just used chain for the extensions to complete the necklace but it would look 'cheap'. So, I used Twisted Herringbone Stitch to weave the ropes for the extension and indeed it added some sophistication in it.  A metal clasp may spoil the effect thus I also weaved the clasp with Peyote Stitch to complete the look:

  Hmm...not nicely done being first attempt. Embarrassed.

All seem well but it is not! Design failure! The weaved ropes took 3/4 of the total time to do yet this hard work is not visible on the wearer as it is seated at the back of the neck! What a waste of effort. I should have either

-  weaved a longer extension rope on both sides to make it a longer necklace
-  had lesser wire wrapped bead (by two on each side) and longer weaved ropes.

I think I will make another necklace of similar design with the same big round beads but different focal bead.  I may use another stitch for the ropes as I find Twisted Herringbone too stiff and the stitch requires more time to complete the same length as compared to some other stitches.

Hmm...which stitch shall I use?


  1. Hi Peggy,
    The necklace is beautiful I love the wire wrapped focal bead and the herringbone ropes and a nice touch. St. Petersburg stitch would be an nice neck strap for a necklace like this one it is light and easy fast stitch to do.

    1. Hi Therese, I was actually hoping to receive your suggestion! Thank you so much and I'll certainly try St. Petersburg stitch which I have not done it before.