Tuesday, 14 August 2012


There are Green Buildings.....Green Cars.....Green Shopping Bags.....Green Containers.......... and I have just made myself a Green Bracelet!  Ha ha, I am not talking about 'green' as in 'green color' but 'green' as in 'environmental friendly', got it?  

What is a GREEN BRACELET (by my definition :-) )? It is simply a bracelet made with beads/chains that are leftovers, salvaged from old jewelries and beads which have been kept for years and do not seem to have any future use.  Some beaders call them orphan beads but I preferred to label them 'neglected beads'.  

Okay here it is:

I had fun making it and I could refresh my wire wrapping skill - after a long break from it doing bead weaving. It may be a simple project but it took me two days just to select and match the beads according to the color, size and texture.  I am very poor in this area.  The actual beading took me not more than three hours!!!

It is my favorite bracelet for now.

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