Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Herringbone rope, first attempt failed!

Back from one week vacation in Malaysia!!!  From historical town of Malacca...

to capital city of Kuala Lumpur...

to food-paradise Penang... 

to hill resort Cameron Highlands...
The food though did not look appealing, they were yummy!!!  However, good food, nice scenery and good company failed to dominate my mind - the unfinished Herringbone rope project kept bugging me through out the whole trip.

The fact that I am writing this post now, needless to say, the project is DONE! - one evening and half a day's work! Ta-da: 

This is a far cry from the photo shown on the post dated 27 September - well, at least to my standard.  I had no idea then as to how it will look like, how it should end and what material to use for the bail.  All these problems were resolved impromptu.

When the hollow rope was completed, the color was a bit too light for the pendant.  I inserted a black rubber cord through it to darken the grey and the cord sticking out at the ends prompted me to string the metal findings and red glass bead to complete the look.

As I have not learnt to make more sophisticated wire bail that matches the pendant, I decided to used the same seed beads to weave the bail.  I used  BRICK STITCH for this simple bail.

How do I grade it? Failed!!!  The tension is not even - some parts are too tight thus produced a kinky effect at those parts.  The beads used are not uniform so it does not get the neat chevron look. Hmm...I shall practice more on this stitch to perfect it......with beads of uniform size and shape.

Now that there is no outstanding project, I shall enjoy my vacation in the US which is from 14 Oct to 31 Oct.  Yeah!

(so no posting until Nov)



  1. I really like it Peggy, it has real character. Enjoy your trip to the US and don't worry about the wild animals in Yellowstone. As long as you keep your distance you will be fine. The zoom on your camera should be all you need to get a good picture, it worked for me.

  2. Hi Therese, nice to "see" you here and thanks for your appreciation of this "embarrassing-to-show" piece of work.
    Good idea, I shall just use the camera zoom for wild animal shooting. Oh I'm so excited about the coming trip!