Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rubi Dutch Spiral Necklace

la..la...la..la....la...  oh I am sooo happy...I have completed a Dutch Spiral stitch necklace! 

With the choice of beads that I have chosen, the piece looks entirely different from the book, but I like it.  The lacy and scallop look surprised me as I was stitching along.  

After a few round of the lacy portion, I was facing the problem of finding ways to change the stitch to a more simple and slimmer rope.  I almost wanted to take the suggestion to end the spiral and change to stringing - an easier way out.  However, I gave myself one last chance to figure out the transitional stitch and I succeeded. The most difficult part was reversing the sequence of the spiral stitch at one side of the necklace.  I had to keep a very clear mind not to get confuse with the stitch of the other side as I was working on both ends at the same time alternately! That's pure madness!

Now it is time to bid farewell to Rubi.  I had promised a friend to make for her a red and black necklace and I have selfishly kept the first one that I have made - Fury Cellini Spiral.

I am not sad about this because I am going to make another one.  This time, with the colors that I like. Yeah! 


  1. Wow, just wow!

    From the photographs, I like this rubi necklace much better than the cellini one. This one manages to look more intricate and less chunky.

    Can't wait to see the result of this rubi necklace in another colour scheme.

  2. You are right, Jo. This one has got more 'life' or 'movement' probably due to the 'space' created by the lacy effect. In fact the Dutch Spiral is easier and faster to stitch than the Cellini Spiral.

  3. Peggy, your Rubi Dutch spiral necklace is gorgeous! Great job and you are right the Dutch spiral is less time comsuming then the Cellini spiral.