Saturday, 7 January 2012

Herringbone Twisted Necklace

Right after my trip to Hong Kong, I really wanted to jump straight to my beading corner and continue the half done project. Sigh, there were tons of chores waiting for me.....hey, but I still managed to steal some time each day to scratch my itchy hands for beading! AND....TADA:


Not impressed! Okay, let's look at these photos:


This design was a copy of 'Elegant Inclusion' designed by Ms Lesley Weiss. Errr... mine is far from elegant because I do not have a nice focal bead to justify the description.

I have learnt quite a bit from this project: tubular herringbone stitch, twisted herringbone stitch, how to add beads in between(with and without cage). I was amazed at how the twist/spiral developed as I was stitching along. Whoever created these stitches are really genius.

It is really a beautiful and interesting design especially the twisted endings. However, I feel that the twisted clasp will easily untwined itself. Friends from Beading Daily suggested to use those little snaps for clothing or small hook and loop to keep it in place.  Good ideas but.....with the snap or hook sewn on, can I still wear the necklace in Y style as shown in the left picture above? Hehe, I found out this Y style of wearing while doing the photo shoots for the necklace. Cool, huh?


  1. Peggy, The necklace is gorgeous you really nailed herringbone beautifully! If you know that those are the two styles you want to wear this necklace then place two eye loops in the areas that the hook would catch to achieve the styles.

  2. Thank you Therese, I really enjoyed doing the herringbone stitch.
    As the surface of the necklace is curved and not flat, it is not easy to attach a hidden the snap or hook. We'll see if it can do without adding either of these.