Monday, 16 January 2012

Right Angle Weave Bracelet - first attempt

That's right - my first attempt on Right Angle Weave and first attempt on weaving Bracelet. It is the ROUND THE BLOCK bracelet designed by Babara Falkowitz (Beadwork Oct/Nov 2011 issue). I just hope my work is not a disgrace to her design:

The design requires cube bead which I don't have. I have no idea what beads are those that I used in place (purple). I bought them in Hong Kong in my last trip there and the salesperson told me that they were 'cube beads'! LOL. I think I better bring a magnifying glass in my next trip to bead shop.

My original plan was to use a pretty matte grey shank button for the clasp with grey glass pearls. Unfortunately, it could not go through the loop. I ransacked my sewing box to find any decent looking button that fit the loop and this was the only one that I could find. I did the matching of suitable glass pearls to the button in the late hours under yellow light and ended up choosing the wrong shade of color. I only noticed the mistake as I was taking the photo of the bracelet. Regret!

Anyway, it was quite fun doing this stitch. I may make more with the variations as suggested by the Artist.

Ps. My color sense is awful. I had hard time deciding on the color combination and not on doing the stitch.


  1. Hi Peggy, The braclet is very pretty and you did a great job on the RAW. I did not really notice that the pearls did not match the button and I'm sure most people won't. You are a natural at bead weaving.

  2. I think you did a fantastic job. I would never know this was your first attempt at RAW. It looks a lot better than my first attempts!