Friday, 20 January 2012

RAW Bracelet - Variation

This is so addicting - to weave the same RAW base with different color beads and embellished in different ways. This design is so easy to weave that I can get fast satisfaction because it may be done in less than eight hours! LOL, that is considered fast for me.

This is for my daughter and she get to choose her color. Definitely her color sense is better than mine! She has requested to add the embellishment at the two sides instead of in the middle. Overall results - satistactory!


  1. Hmmmm, can't decide which bracelet I like better. The right-angle weave bracelets - cheerier colour scheme, more youthful and the bright green adds a sparkle. The raw one: understated colour scheme, classier, more grown-up. If U had to pick, it would be the raw one. Is this reflective of my age?

  2. Ha ha, not really. My daughter who has chosen this color scheme is at the age of 30.