Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cellini Spiral Rope - Trial Piece

Yes, I have finally braved up and have a go with a Cellini Spiral stitch.  In order to see a dramatic effect of the spiral, I used different size, shape and color beads in this trial piece: 

This 7.5cm work-in-process took me about 10 hours over three days to do!!! The progress was pretty slow because there were a few undoings along the way.  It was quite frustrating when missing stitches were discovered and undoings were necessary in order to proceed.  Oh well, I guess this is part and parcel of seed beading.  ENDURANCE, ENDURANCE!

The order of beads: 2mm black bicone, 2mm black bugle, size 12 gold, size 12 red X 2, size 15 metallic black, size 12 red, size 12 gold and 2mm black bugle.  Total 9 beads in a round.

There is inconsistency in the spiral.  Probably due to poor quality beads which are not uniform in size and shape.  The stitch tension was also not equal through out.  

Ah-hem, but don't you think this is considered 'not bad' for a first timer? 

I am not sure if I should continue the spiral.  I am thinking of gradually reduce the rope thickness by changing all to size 11 beads first.  After a few round, reduce further by cutting the number of beads per round by half.  Hmm....perhaps I'll try that out and see if it works.  


  1. This is a great first try Peggy, I love the colors you chose. Always start with the smallest beads first and work your way to the larger. Also the more small beads in the spiral makes the larger beads pop out more. Once again great job!

  2. Spiral is very hard. Harder than it looks! I've only created a handful of pieces with it, because even though it looks so awesome, it does take MUCH longer than one would think!!!