Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fury Cellini Spiral Necklace

The ugly duckling has grown into a beaUtiful (a-hem) sssswan....err..necklace! 

Now that it is completed with a acceptable result, it is confession time:  I chickened out of continuing with the stitch using various size beads because it was not easy!  

It took me two days to come out with this easier way  - reduce to single bead size,  gradually reduce the red bead from two rows to one row and finally to random speckles.  I toned down the red with more black as I worried it may look too fierce.

I ended the necklace with beaded clasp and loop to complement the necklace.  A metal toggle set may mar the beauty of the fully beaded necklace.  I also have 'upgraded' my skill for making beaded clasp and loop:

Instead of using a beaded ball made by rows of beads covering a core bead with link and loop formed by single row of beads , the clasp in this Cellini Spiral necklace is a peyote toggle tube (decorated with red bicone beads at both ends)  with the loop and toggle link formed by three-row peyote stitch.

This necklace was made with a dear friend in mind.  After spending hours of work creating it, I find it hard to part with it.  It is like a mother not willing to give up her baby for adoption.

I am keeping it!!!


  1. Peggy, the end result of your necklace is gorgeous and you are really doing a great job with your bead weaving, you are a natural. Looking forward to your future projects.

  2. This is Jo. Read your entire blog - very impressed. Will comment more when I have time.

  3. Ooooh, this did turn out very beautiful! I'm glad you are keeping it for yourself after all of that work.