Sunday, 21 August 2011

Chrysocolla Necklace N Aventurine Earrings

While I was in Beijing last year, I bought a whole lot of natural stones/beads from the famous Pearl Market.  I am not an expert in stones so I could not tell if they were true natural stones. Nevertheless I just got to have them because they were so beautiful.

Some of them were not very common (to me) and I have difficulty identifying them.  This greenish big bead is one of them:

I think this may be Chrysocolla (enhanced).  The sales person told me that the color was not of original and it has gone through some enhancement process.  But what the heck - I just love it.

After weeks of straining of my non-creative brain, I came out with this long necklace:

The smaller green stones could be Green Aventurine, which were given to me by  Jezamine - a dear friend residing in Ottawa.  These stone chips are not easy to use as they are of irregular shape.  I also made a pair of matching earrings using the chips:

I like the earrings more than the necklace as I find that the latter is a bit too heavy in look.  

Mmmmm.......natural stones are just beautiful!!!


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