Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wire Work - Earrings

After 6 to 7 of no-beading years, the beading work of a friend's daughter has brought my interest back. Instead of seed bead beading, I have begun to try my hands on wire work.  The above earrings are only a fraction of what I have made.

During those crazy days, my mind was full of beading, beading and nothing but beading.  Though I was just making the earrings simply by matching different beads and other components, the possible outcome was endless.

I got hooked on beading!

My beading appetite got bigger after few months of doing simple wire looping, I ventured into wire wrapping: 

.....and also other wire techniques: 

I like to bead but what am I going to do with so many pairs of earrings?  Of course I kept some for myself. Some were given away as gift but most were donated to my church for its Church Building Fund Raising event.  Not bad huh? At least the work did not go to waste. 


  1. Hi! I like your blog. And for your first venture into wire, these are beautiful. I especially like the square ones with the purple beads, what a creative design!

  2. Oh i'm so thrilled to receive my very first response to the newly created blog. Thank you soooo much. It's like a booster to me and I shall continue blogging about beading.