Thursday, 25 August 2011

Have Earrings will Travel!

What is this? Earrings-in-process? Failed earrings projects? No, no, no.  These are my interchangeable earrings which can be put in a small pouch for light traveling.  The loop lever back earrings can be worn by itself or pairing with any of these wire looped beads as shown below:

Look at that, I have six pairs of earrings to match with my clothing for any trip!  Vanity, vanity!  I am one of those who feel naked without wearing any accessory, be it earrings  necklace or bracelet. :-)

These are simple, easy to make earrings.  Though they are my beginner work, but I have not got tired of them.  I like the red one (bottom right corner) in particular.  

It is a beaded bead, by accident, using Tubular Herringbone stitch (I think).  It started off as a trial stitch for a rope.  I did not continue it as the color was too bight for me. I ended it after seven to eight rounds and thought it would look nice as a beaded bead for earrings.  It turned out to be one of my favorites!

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