Monday, 29 August 2011

What went wrong?

When I showed my 'creation' to friends, most were full of praise for the items.  Frankly, this is what most of us are yearning for.  LOL.  That is why we always show only those we think will receive a lot of 'Oo's and 'Ah"s.  Thick skinned, huh?

Anyway, not all my work is presentable (perhaps 50-50).  Even if it does look good, it may be flawed when it is worn.  

This is one of the first few earrings that I made.  The beads were salvaged from a piece of old jewelry.  Beading can go GREEN too!!!  My daughter, Yuan, liked it a lot and has worn it a few times.  However, I noticed the shape of the loops were different each time she wore it - sometimes rounder, sometimes more elongated. What went wrong?

I think it was the material which I used for the loops - Tiger-tail wire.  Tiger tail is Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Jewelry Wire.  It is easily bendable thus each time Yuan handled it while putting it on, the loops were accidentally being altered.  There is yet a solution for this problem.

I have the same problem with this pair of hoop earrings:

What went wrong? I think I did not harden* the hoop enough so that the shape would not change.  (* by hitting it lightly with  hammer)

Look at this lariat necklace which I made for a friend:

Unlike  typical necklace, a Lariat does not have a clasp; rather, it is characterized by one long strand that can be tied or wrapped in a number ways: 

My friend has lost the lariat and it was due to design failure!  What went wrong?  I think the elements which I used for the drops (the metal leaves) were too light.  The lariat untied by itself and slipped off her neck.
Sigh, these were lessons learned and hopefully I can remember to apply them in future projects.

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