Friday, 26 August 2011

Failed Project

I love beading.  I like the technical part.  I can take up most of the challenges as long as I can gather enough instruction.  What I drag is the design part.  As I have mentioned before: I am a good copycat but lousy in terms of creativity. LOL.

Look at the two items below and see how badly I failed in the design:

At first I thought black would go well with red but then I found out not in this case.  The dagger coral could be the culprit.  It spells violence.  The black is too much of a contrast so the 'bloody daggers' actually stand out fiercely.

In beading, perhaps pearl is a safer bet.  It goes with almost anything.  It looks good even by itself:

I made this for a friend and she received a lot of complements.  There was no effort in designing and the difficulty level was zero as I just needed to put together the elements.  Sigh. There is no work satisfaction here.  The success was due to the pearl and not my work! Sad.  

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