Friday, 19 August 2011

Wire Work Challenge

No, I have not been busy beading that I have no time to update my blog.  Neither have I fallen sick.  I have been trying to take photo for some of my latest works with my new little camera! I'm still struggling with it but will try to seek help from my fellow beader friends from Beading Daily @ .

Beading with wire is so fun because by twisting and turning the wire, you can come up with surprising design.  My friend Sally has given me two pieces of glass stone and challenged me to use it creatively.  Ta da, and here they are:

The green one is a failure as I did not end it nicely at the bottom where the black bead is.  I like the other one (orange) so much that I made it into a short necklace:

Oh I'm so pleased with myself because I have gone beyond my own standard.  Haha!

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