Thursday, 1 September 2011

Square Jade Donut

When I was younger (not that I'm OLD!), I used to think that Jade is for senior person (I better avoid the 'O' word).  Wait a minute! I re-phrase: Jade tends to give the impression that the wearer belongs to an older age group. (Oops, can't avoid using the word.)

Anyway, I have changed this perspective ever since I saw these square Jade donuts:  

Immediately I took out my purse and bought them.

I have cracked my head for months thinking of ways to use them.  This was done in a rush because I needed a matching necklace for a wedding reception.  Sometimes stress will bring best results! LOL.  So far, this is the most satisfactory piece of work that I have done.

These are not of A grade quality which I cannot possibly afford.  However, they are good enough for beading hobbyists.  This pair of earrings below is another example of the non-A grade Jade:

These round Jade donuts are very traditional.  I teamed them with these interesting metal ball beads to give a contemporary look.  Even my thirty year old daughter wears it!  

Conclusion: Jade is not for seniors only.  

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