Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beaded Netting Necklace

Hummm...let me last posting was 9/9/2011.  That was six days ago!  Hey, not that I was being lazy or ran out of things to post (honestly, it was true to some extend, hehe!).  I was actually busy beading!!!  

I was not stringing or wire-working.  I was weaving - putting teeny tiny beads together with thread and needle!  The beads were so tiny that they have gained themselves a name called SEED Bead.  I had to put on my reading glasses and use a magnifying glass to work on these beads.  Can you imaging how my poor eyes had suffered?  However, it was all worthwhile:

This was a Bead-Along project organized by the Beading Daily website.  We were given a pattern (this time was beaded netting necklace) and all participants would use their own beads to come out with their own version.  The result is very fascinating.

As I was not sure if I could actually do it, I used whatever was available from my stash instead of buying new stuff.  I had no problem with the beads (I used Amozonite chips and clear quartz chips) but I did not have the correct tpe of thread.  I used my usual beading thread but the necklace turned up flat like a deflated balloon instead of a tube.  I worked into the wee hours for two nights trying ways and means to get the tubing result. My final trial, before giving up, was to use fishing line.  And it worked! yeah!

Wait, hang on there - the story has not ended yet! Fishing line is stiff thus there is no need to use needle. I was happy because as I was trying out with threads, half of the time was spent threading the needle. Arggg!  By using fishing line, the necklace is somewhat springy like a Slinky.  I can pull it like a accordion!

This is not funny at all.  After the necklace was hung on a stand for few days, it has lengthened and became a short necklace instead of a choker!  

I just have to console myself that choker is not for me as I have short neck.  Sigh!

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