Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Busy, busy, busy

That's right, that's the only word for me now - BUSY !!!

Planning for a 16 days holiday trip in the vast North America visiting 5 cities is not a joking matter:

From Singapore to Beijing to Vancouver(BC) to Seattle(WA) back to Vancouver(daughter's graduation) to Flagstaff(AZ) to Chicago to Yellowstone back to Vancouver to Beijing AND finally back to Singapore.  In addition, I also have to plan for the en route to Olympic National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, Grand Canyon South Rim, Sedona etc.  Can you imaging the logistic involved?  It is choking me!  But, it is a happy problem.

I have no time for BEADING!!!!  Wait a minute, beading is not a chore.  It is supposed to be therapeutic!  So I picked up the needle and started stitching to calm myself down.  It helped, especially in the night before I sleep.  This is my work-in-progress:

Ha ha, the little worm like thing is my attempt to stitch a tubular Herringbone rope.  The work is so crude that I do not dare to show a close shot.  It is meant to be worn with the triangular pendent.  I think I have chosen the wrong color.  May be I should have used metallic grey/black color seed beads instead.   Awww.....no time to go to the bead shop!!!

In my drowning situation, believe it or not, I still could sneak out to watch the Singapore F1 grand pix! The photos below were taken by me while I was there:

Not that I am a fan of F1.  I was asked to accompany HB to watch.  Honestly, I think time would be better spent going to the bead shop.

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