Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blue, blue, my world is .....

I think blue is not common in the Jewelry world.  Off hand I can think of Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine. Nah, they are too pricy for me to toy with.  My daughter requested me to make one blue necklace for her and I just could not find any blue beads from my stash.  

I did my bead hunting in my recent trip to Tokyo and lo and behold, I managed to get some interesting blue beads and chips for her.  The place is called Asakusabashi where the whole district sells bead craft supplies - beader's paradise!  I also bought some metal element to match the beads.

(forgot to turn off the flash)

This is the second piece of long necklace that I have made.  I like asymmetrical style and I have no problem when applying that to earrings.  However, when using it on necklace, it is not as easy because you need to balance the weight on both sides.  Otherwise it will fall lopsided when hang on the neck.  Esthetically, it must look balance too.

Hmmm...don't ask me what bead these are.  The labels were in Japanese. Lol. (Edited: They are Amozonite chips and Blue Quartz)

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