Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pretty Lady? Look beyond....

How would you feel if people addressed you as 'pretty lady? (provided you are a female Smiley)  I bet you would be on cloud nine!   I surely did.  It happened last Saturday in a class '73 gathering and I was smiling from ear to ear! Smiley

However, the joy was short lived.  Deep in my heart, I regard the compliment a mockery, though I know it was not their intention.  The fact is, I had layers of make-up on my face to cover up my dark pigmentation.  I was wearing a wig to hide my thinning hair.  Beneath all these, I am just an ordinary looking person!  Sigh, my wish is to be reckoned as a 'good person' rather than a 'pretty lady'.  Hummm.....may be I have not done enough to gain such respect.  May be,  most people tends to look just at the surface of things and not beyond.  Well, hidden treasure could be overlooked with this ingrained inclination.  I can relate this to a beading related incident.   (Hey, I have to because this is a beading blog!)

A friend bought this pair of large earrings because she likes filigree design in general:

This is quite pretty.  She wanted me to modify them as they are too long for her short neck.  Just the triangular section alone is 8.5cm long!  

Here come the 'look beyond the surface' application: it need not be earrings!  Since the part she likes most is the big triangle, let's make it into a pendent!  

The result is : a pair of earrings and a matching pendent!

Don't frown, this is just a temporary design until a better matched bead is found.  The idea is there.  

As for the pendent, She wants to keep it simple by just stringing a black cord through:

Humm...ok, it looks fine.  But as a beader, I would like to have something with more substance yet still keep it simple.  Perhaps I will try weaving a cord with seed beads using either Herringbone stitch or Peyote stitch.  This is a good chance for me to learn these stitches.  Yeah! 

Ps. I get to keep the other triangle. Smiley

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